Beat Those Winter Colds

Don’t Let Winter Colds & Chills Stop You Being Active This Winter. With the cold & flu season upon us, it’s worth spending some time to make sure you are in the best possible position to make it through winter without succumbing to every bug.

While covid19 is the illness everyone is thinking of, there are a number of other chills and ills that are worth avoiding.

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to winter colds and coughs, and regular exercise is a valuable part of that prevention plan. Getting out and about can be more difficult in the cold and rain. However, there is no better way to stay warm and stop your energy levels slumping mid-winter than with regular exercise.

There is plenty of advice given about how to avoid winter illnesses. Some are based firmly on facts, while others don’t have much substance. Exercise and physical activity are one form of illness prevention you can rely on. When we exercise regularly, we enhance our overall health and sleep better. In winter this can translate to a better immune system which can reduce the number of winter bugs that lead to days off and less exercise. When we exercise regularly, we enhance our overall health and sleep better.

From a psychological perspective, exercising has a range of benefits, including mood enhancing both in the period immediately after physical activity, and in the longer term when activity is regular. Another benefit that has come into focus in 2020 are the social benefits of exercise, and encouraging human connection, whether it’s a walk or a group activity, or creating a sense of belonging being part of a club or gym.

In winter it’s not uncommon for the best laid exercise plans getting derailed by inclement weather and low temperatures; that run or walk gets put off and the heater gets turned up.

If the outdoors isn’t calling the way it did during lockdown, make the most of the indoor activities that are available in clubs and exercise facilities who can help and support you to stay active.

Attending a club or gym means you will have plenty of variety, with a range of options from team training and group sessions to smaller boutique studios offering more specialist programmes. As if keeping warm and dry isn’t enough, you’ll also get to take advantage of advice on hand from exercise professionals who can help you set some specific goals and support you along the way.

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Blog post credit: Media Release from the NZ Register of Exercise Professionals

In a COVID world it’s important to know that you are keeping yourself safe when out and about. Exercise professionals like myself in New Zealand are supported by the Exercise Association of New Zealand who provide ongoing best practice guidelines to keep you safe.

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